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  • Understanding Size Control and Parallelism

    The lapping process can produce parallelism below .0001”. To achieve this, however, extreme care must be taken in handling the parts, as well as balancing the distribution of the work pieces in each conditioning ring.

    In most cases, a number of extra steps will have to be performed in order to achieve the best results. The lapping cycle may need to be interrupted at certain intervals in order to transpose (interchange) or rotate parts 180° within each conditioning ring station.  This extra effort will definitely aid the flat pressure plate in leveling the high points of your work pieces and bring them to a closer degree of parallelism.
    It is desirable to have at least 5 work pieces within each ring when parallelism of .0001” or below is required. The greater the number of parts lapped simultaneously, the higher the degree of parallelism that can be maintained.

    If you want to calculate the load required, it is necessary to multiply the overall lapped area by the recommended unit pressure.

      Handy Area Formulas
    Arectangle = L x W L—length W—width
    Acircle = π x R2 R - circle radius = diameter/2
    Adoughnut = 1/4 x π x (OD2 - ID2) OD - outer diameter      ID - inner diameter
    Remember: 1 kg = 1000 gm = 2.205 lb       1 inch = 2.54 cm
    Example: Five round parts 1” diameter, with 5 PSI pressure
    Overall weight = 5 parts x π x (1/2)2 x 5 PSI = 19.6 lb

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