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  • Hyprez MiniMiser® & Autostirrer Slurry Dispensing System

    Diamond slurry increases the efficiency of most any lapping application vs. conventional aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives. Not only is the amount of waste generated reduced significantly, but only small amounts of slurry are required to achieve your flatness and finish objectives.

    To this end Engis has designed the MiniMiser dispensing system, which delivers very controlled amounts of diamond slurry to the lapping process. The MiniMiser not only administers both the duration and frequency of each application, but also has a provision to simultaneously do the same with the
    lapping lubricant.

    In most cases the diamond slurry requires agitation prior to dispensing on the lapping plate so the
    diamond particles remain properly dispersed . This is accomplished by using the Engis Autostirrer which keeps the diamond particles in suspension ensuring optimum results.

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    Product Description
    The EMC–3 MiniMiser® is a compact, reliable dispensing system used to lightly spray fluids ranging from very thin to thick viscosity onto a lap plate or other surface. The MiniMiser combines a compact design ('Mini') with an Atomizer ('Miser') providing strict control over both the duration of the spray and the intervals between sprays. This results in enhanced surface coverage and significant cost savings due to less vehicle being used. The EMC–3 can be set for an interval cycle up to 999 seconds (16.65 min) and a spray duration range of 1 to 99 seconds in 1 second increments.

    The Hyprez Autostirrer keeps diamond completely dispersed during usage by stirring the slurry with a magnetic spin bar. Both the Hyprez Autostirrer and MiniMiser are designed to give their best results on Hyprez machines, but can also be used on all commercially available lapping machines.

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