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  • Lapping Plate Care

    The key to achieving good surface finish and flatness results is maintaining proper condition of your lapping plate. The cleanliness, flatness and texture of your lapping plate will directly affect your process results.

    •  Lapping Plate Cleaning
    When necessary, clean the lapping plate by rinsing and using a squeegee and/or vacuum the excess residue (be careful not to introduce contamination to the plate during cleaning.) We recommend rinsing the plate with DI water and then vacuuming with a wet vac.
    •  Lapping Plate Flatness
    Generally your parts will lap to a mirror image of your lapping plate with respect to flatness. If your lap plate is excessively concave, your parts will turn out convex and vice-versa. It is important to periodically check the plate flatness and make necessary adjustment to maintain the flatness. As a general rule a good starting point is slightly concave (-0.0002” +/- 0.0001).
    Engis Corporation Engis Corporation
    Use a Hyprez Flatness Gauge to
    precisely measure plate flatness.
    "Zero" reading - plate is flat
    "Negative" reading - plate is concave
    "Positive" reading - plate is convex
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    During the lapping cycle Ceramic Conditioning Rings are used so the flatness movement will be much slower than when using a Diamond Plated Conditioning Ring (PCR) . While running parts if you find the lapping plate slowly moves concave, position the ceramic conditioning rings more outward. Conversely, if while running parts the plate slowly moves convex, position the ceramic conditioning rings more inward.

    •  Lapping Plate Reconditioning
    If the lapping plate is out of flat and/or has lost texture it should be re-conditioned. We recommend the following.
    •  For composite lapping plates place a PCR in one of the roller yokes. For cast iron or pure metal plates use a cast iron conditioning ring and a non-diamond abrasive such as aluminum oxide.
    •  The ring should overlap both the ID and the OD of the lapping plate (this will ensure that a ridge is not formed during conditioning).
    •  Spray enough lubricant on the plate to keep it wet and run the PCR for about 1-2 min at 60 RPM (no load). Note: Use lubricant throughout the re-conditioning cycle, do not use diamond slurry while re-conditioning with a diamond plated ring.
    •  To correct the flatness of a plate which is too far concave (see illustration above), position the PCR outward (toward the OD of the plate).
    •  To correct flatness for a plate which is too far convex (see illustration below), position the PCR inward (toward the ID of the plate). Note: Make small adjustments until you develop a feel for how far to move the ring in or out (usually about 0.25” – 0.50” is adequate).
    •  Important: it is much easier to make the plate go in the positive direction (convex), than to bring it back negative (concave), for this reason it is important not to let the plate go too far convex.
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