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    HYPREZ® Lapping & Polishing Machines & Accessories

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    Engis is a global leader in the design and manufacture of complete lapping and polishing systems that offer the highest quality finished components, processed in the quickest cycle times, while keeping your manufacturing costs at a minimum.  With 70+ years of experience in designing state-of-the-art lapping & polishing equipment, Engis engineers machines that elevate both precision and performance at a reduced cost per piece.

    But the machine is just one part of the puzzle….what really sets us apart from the competition is our unique ability to provide Process Development and Customer Support that is second to none. Engis engineers understand the processes of Fine Grinding, Lapping and Polishing and use this experience to develop processes with controlled variables so that the unpredictability and mystique are removed from the lapping process and the science of fine finishing is advanced.

    Learn More About the Engis FastLap Lapping System

    Read the recent article in Production Machining for additional details on Engis Diamond Lapping & Lapping Plate Control.

    Choosing the Correct Machine Plate Size

    FastLap Tabletop Lapping and Polishing Machines FastLap Tabletop and Floor Standing Lapping and Polishing Machines
    The FastLap Series of lapping & polishing machines is engineered for demanding flat lapping and polishing processes giving you maximum efficiency and quality control.   NEW….learn about the innovative Lapping Plate Facing Device now available on the FastLap line of lapping machines.
    Double Sided Grinding and Lapping Machine Double-Sided Grinding and Lapping Machine
    This double-sided system can be used on a variety of materials to achieve a high degree of accuracy in flatness, parallelism and surface finish using either free abrasive slurry or fixed abrasive media.
    EHG Back Grinding Machines for Advanced Material Wafers EHG Back-Grinding Machines for Advanced Material Wafers
    These horizontal grinding machines are the perfect companion when back-thinning or preparing wafers such as sapphire, gallium nitride and silicon carbide.

    MiniMiser Slurry Dispensing System MiniMiser Slurry Dispensing System
    The MiniMiser® helps to save you money by delivering precisely controlled amounts of Hyprez diamond slurry and lubricants in the lapping process
    Hyprez Slurry Autostirrer Hyprez Slurry Autostirrer
    The Hyprez Autostirrer keeps diamond completely dispersed during usage by stirring the slurry with a magnetic spin bar; it can be used on all commercially available lapping machines.
    Hyprez Lapping Plates Hyprez Lapping Plates
    Engis lapping plates are customized to deliver optimum performance in your lapping system. Our composite lap plates enhance stock removal while producing high quality surface finish and flatness in both large volume operations and smaller hand lapping and polishing applications.
    Hyprez Conditioning Rings and Work Rings Hyprez Conditioning Rings & Work Rings
    Hyprez conditioning rings set a new standard of quality by giving the finest results in flatness, surface finish and scratch-free surfaces. Because these rings are inherently tough and corrosion/abrasive resistant, they provide high productivity and efficiency.
    Hyprez Parts Carriers and Rubber Pads Hyprez Parts Carriers and Rubber Pads
    Pads and Carriers increase productivity by attaining precision surface flatness and finish when lapping parts of varying thickness.
    Hyprez Workholding Fixtures Hyprez Workholding Fixture
    (aka Wafer Thinning Device or Workholding Jig)
    Use with Engis flat lapping machines to achieve part parallelism and micron accurate in-process thickness measurement.
    Hyprez Wafer Bonding System Hyprez Wafer Bonding System
    Specially designed to fix wafers and thin workpieces to lapping carriers using wax based adhesives, pressure and heat.
    Hyprez Lapping Plate Flatness Gauges Hyprez Lapping Plate Flatness Gauges
    Precisely measure the flatness of lapping plates. These gauges are corrosion resistant and built to last in production environments.
    Hyprez Optical Flats and Monochromatic Lights Hyprez Optical Flats and Monochromatic Lights
    Measure part flatness efficiently and economically.

    We provide the best Process Development, Sales and Customer Support in the industry.
    Contact your local Engis
    Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative.

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