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    Engis Single-Pass Superabrasive Bore-Finishing Machines For Improved Gear Production

    A rapidly evolving machining technology is surpassing conventional honing as the preferred process for finishing the inside diameter
    parts such as gears. Diamond-plated and superabrasive
    single-pass bore-finishing technology from Engis Corp. (Wheeling, IL), holds extremely tight tolerances reliably and consistently at a lower overall cost per finished piece. Engis’s single-pass process is the most cost-effective choice for virtually any bore-finishing application and workpiece material. Engis superabrasive bore-finishing tools are capable of achieving bore geometries to within 0.000020” in standard, blind, and semi-blind bores.

    Where conventional honing machines use a tapered hone that reciprocates, expands, and contracts over a number of passes, Engis single-pass bore finishing machines feature a pre-set barrel-shaped tool with a slow-wearing diamond coating that passes once through the bore while the tool, part, or both rotate. As the single-pass bore-finishing tool need not expand or contract over the finishing cycle, the system maintains maximum control over bore size and finish. And as the diamond coating cuts cooler and maintains an extremely long tool life, overall production costs per finished part are reduced.

    Engis provides a range of standard and customized
    single-pass bore-finishing machines configurable to a range of gear-production processes. The SPM Series overall is designed for finishing parts with bore sizes of 1 inch and below, configurable in two, four, or six-spindle models. The Performance Series is designed for parts with bores ranging from 0.060 inches up to 4 inches, configurable in four, six, or eight-spindle models.

    Engis also provides complete,
    customized automation packages, including both in-bound and out-bound product flow. From pick-and-place units and robotics, to in-process gauging and sensor systems, to conveyor systems linking automated machining cells, Engis is capable of helping design, engineer, test, and deploy the most optimum gear-finishing solution.

    Overall, single-pass bore-finishing system benefits include:
    • lower labor costs through automated finishing
    • lower cost per hole through long tool life
    • predictable, consistent results
    • improved bore quality
    • fewer rejects
    • less frequent part inspection
    • higher production rates
    SPC values >2.0 Cpk

    Leader in Superabrasive Finishing

    Engis Corp. single-pass bore finishing technology and systems have been adopted by many of the world’s leading manufacturers in a number of industries, including automotive and transportation, aersopace, firearms, hydraulics and pneumatics, and gears. Process development, automation, and customized application assistance is always available. For more information, contact Engis toll-free at 1-800-99-ENGIS or visit the company’s Web site at www.engis.com.

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