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    CINTERMEX, MONTERREY, MEXICO, February 7-9, 2017Engis will be exhibiting at Expo Manufactura, Mexico's premier trade show for production-chain innovators in a high-energy space showcasing the latest in manufacturing technology and information systems.

    The 2017 event will once again unite influential international companies such as Engis to present and discuss the most current global trends and advances. It will likewise further last year's focus on improving production optimization, precision and savings.

    Just a few of the show's many industries will include:

    •  aerospace/aeronautical
    •  energy
    •  assembly plants
    •  medical devices
    •  electronics
    •  manufacturing

    Expo Manufactura 2017 will also explore and display diverse process solutions such as:
    •  automation
    •  CNC
    •  cutting tools
    •  machining
    •  measuring systems
    •  quality control

    Engis will be featuring:

    Electrogrip® Diamond Tools
    •  Advanced superabrasive grinding wheels, dressers and cutting tools for aerospace super alloys and composite materials
        •  Turbine blades and vanes
        •  Nozzles and gear

    Precision Honing Systems
    •  Machines and tooling for repeatable precise-bore geometry, finish and dimensional stability, as well as for stringent, critical accuracy requirements
        •  Landing gear
        •  Hydraulic controls
        •  Pistons and fuel pumps

    Diamond Lapping & Polishing Products
    •  Customizable flat-lapping machines and diamond abrasives for processing ultra-hard materials to exact tolerances
    •  Laboratory support for application-process development
        •  Optical materials: sapphire, spinel
        •  Mirrors: SiC and Beryllium
        •  Mechanical seals and valves
        •  Ceramics

    To learn more about Engis's participation at Expo Manufactura 2017,
    call (800) 993-6447 or e-mail info@engis.com

    For more details about Expo Manufactura 2017,
    visit www.expomanufactura.com.mx

    Engis Corporation, a worldwide organization headquartered in Wheeling, IL, manufactures and markets superabrasive finishing systems and high-precision micron diamond and CBN powders for operations that demand precision surface polishing and close-tolerance requirements. Engis provides products, services and technological advances in key areas including diamond flat lapping/polishing, diamond- and CBN-plated tools, high- precision honing machines and tools, tool-room products and R&D technical support. For more information, visit www.engis.com.

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