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    WHEELING, IL., Engis Corporation announced the release of its new Hyprez SC diamond polishing compound specifically designed with the professional mold & die polisher in mind. Realizing that productivity is front and center for everyone in the mold fabrication and repair markets, Engis set out to offer a new compound that would increase removal rates on mold & die steels without sacrificing finishes.

    Engis Building Expansion
    Superior finishes produced at Enot Services of    
    Free Soil, MI using the new Hyprez® SC    
    diamond compound from Engis    

    The new Hyprez SC diamond compound utilizes a new, sharper diamond type and special particle size distribution to provide superior cutting action. In addition, the Engis team of chemical engineers has formulated a new carrier which provides exceptional lubricity without being "greasy" or spinning off the felt or wood bob. The SC carrier resists vaporizing at higher temperatures, which is ideal for polishing large molds in situ.

    The results are faster cutting rates, better finishes and the capability of skipping polishing steps. Jobs can be finished quicker, which reduces turnaround times and enhances customer service.

    "Hyprez SC has allowed me to take finishes to a whole new level" explains Fred Enot, President of Enot Services of Free Soil, MI. "My customers are getting a 'WOW' factor with surface measurement readings between 0 -1 Ra."

    Founded in 1938, Engis Corporation was the first to develop and manufacture precision compound containing industrial grade diamond which improved the accuracy of aircraft guidance systems during World War II. It was at that time the Hyprez trade name was established and since then both the Engis and Hyprez names have been synonymous with high precision, high quality products. For almost 80 years Engis has been a leader in engineered diamond compounds and their Five Star® and L formulations are currently used in mold polishing applications throughout the world.

    Hyprez SC is available throughout the Engis global network of sales offices as well as their specialized distribution partners.

    About Engis
    Engis Corporation, headquartered in Wheeling, Ill., is a leading worldwide provider of superabrasive finishing systems and HYPREZ® high precision micron diamond and CBN powders. Engis solutions include grinding, honing, lapping and polishing products, as well as fully configured, custom-developed manufacturing systems. Industries served include oil & gas, electronics, semi-conductor, medical devices, aerospace, defense, ceramics, mold/tool/die, automotive, mechanical valves/seals, foundries and more. A privately held company, Engis employs approximately 140 people in Illinois and 200 worldwide, which includes five locations in Asia, one in Europe and one in Canada. For more information, visit Engis' Web site at www.Engis.com or call 800-993-6447 or +1-847-808-9400, e-mail info@engis.com, fax +1-847-808-9403 or write to Engis Corporation, 105 West Hintz Road, Wheeling, IL, 60090.

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