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    One of the best tools to maximize the efficiency of your lapping operation is the proper selection of a lapping plate. Engis designs and manufactures a complete range of composite lap plates for every application. Our composite lapping plates allow for efficient charging of the diamond abrasive particles and can be fine tuned either for aggressive stock removal, or for achieving fine finishes and precise flatness.

    Product Description
    Composite HY and natural metal plates are available in solid, radial, concentric, spiral and waffle grooved patterns designed to optimize your process and part characteristics.

    Special Composites vs. Natural Metals
    Special composite laps are made with a unique blend of powdered metal or ceramic, bonded with a resin system. These composite laps take a more uniform charge of diamond particles. Your benefit is more consistent and controlled performance. Composite plates are also superior in applications where lapping and polishing are combined into a single step.

    Uniform Finishing of Dissimilar Materials
    Hyprez lapping plates, when used with diamond, are ideal for finishing two or more dissimilar materials to a uniform flatness. Engis process engineers will work with you to establish the optimum combination of Hyprez plates, diamond slurries and lubricants for finishing each multi-material part.

    Plate Sizes & Patterns
    Standard sizes are as follows: 6", 9", 12", 15", 16", 18", 24", 28", 36", 42" and 48" diameters. Special sizes are available on request. Square, spiral, concentric and radial grooves, as well as custom patterns, are available.

    The most critical processing consideration when lapping with diamond is the condition of the lap plate. Generally, your results will be dependent on the condition of the plate along with your skill in establishing and maintaining flatness and diamond charge.

    Read more on proper care of your lap plates

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    Engis Corporation Engis Corporation Engis Corporation
    Hyprez Composite Lapping Plates
    All lapping plates from Engis can be used on most commercially available lapping machines.
    Engis Corporation
    Engis Corporation Engis Corporation

    Key Features

    Hyprez® X08 Lapping Plates
    Hyprez® X08

    Most Aggressive Stock Removal

    This plate is used when rapid stock removal is required.

    2nd hardest composite iron plate.

    Provides excellent flatness, longer service life, low reconditioning needs and refined surface finishes.

    Often used as an alternative to cast iron plates.

    Produces good surface finish on most materials, especially metals and ceramics.

    Hyprez® HY Iron Lapping Plates
    Hyprez® HY Iron

    Aggressive Stock Removal

    Excellent primary/roughing lap plate, with a long service life.

    Often used as an alternative to cast iron plates.

    Produces good surface finish on most materials, especially metals and ceramics.

    Typically used with coarse to medium diamond sizes.

    Hyprez® TX-10A Lapping Plates
    Hyprez TX-10A

    Moderate Stock Removal

    Composite tin plate. Offers a lead (Pb) free working environment.

    Provides superior surface finish prior to CMP step.

    Works with finer diamond slurries for achieving extraordinary fine surface finish.

    Provides longer service life, low reconditioning needs and refined surface finishes.

    Provides longer service life, low reconditioning needs and refined surface finishes

    Hyprez® HY Copper Lapping Plates
    Hyprez HY Copper

    Moderate to Aggressive Stock Removal

    Most widely used, universal composite lap plate.

    Excellent when primary and finishing lap are combined in a one-step operation.

    Suitable for virtually any solid material: metal, ceramic, glass, carbon, plastic, etc..

    Typically used with medium to fine diamond sizes.

    Minimizes fracturing and chipping tendencies when lapping crystal components.

    Hyprez® Tin-Antimony Lapping Plates
    Hyprez Tin-Antimony

    Low/Very Low Stock Removal

    Typical plate for head manufacturing industry (kiss lap process).

    Used in pre-polishing of hard materials, SiC, GaN.

    Resistant to temperature variations during lapping.

    Prevents changes in lubricant viscosity during continuous lapping.

    Hyprez® HY Ceramic Lapping Plates
    Hyprez HY Ceramic

    Moderate Stock Removal

    Generally used to lap/polish ceramic parts and other stain-sensitive material.

    Used in applications where metallic-type contamination cannot be tolerated.

    Affordable, more machinable alternative to "natural" ceramic plates.

    Very flexible – used with coarse to fine diamond sizes.

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