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    Taking Exotic Wood Polishing to a Higher Level

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    Who Knew Diamonds Were A Woodworker's Best Friend?

    Diamond-compound polished hardwood pens made by Dr. Steve Sorenson (Woods By Steve).

    Hardwood pens polished by Dr. Sorenson using Engis diamond compound achieve "wet" appearance.
    Engis Corporation Dr. Steve Sorenson, of Woods By Steve, has achieved superior quality in his unique, polished hardwood products after discovering a new and interesting way to use Engis Five-Star Diamond Compounds.

    Normally used for material removal and polishing in applications such as molds and dies, Dr. Sorenson uses the diamond compounds to polish hardwoods for the pens and other products that he designs. Dr. Sorenson developed a distinctive wood turning technique, using the pastes on exotic tropical hard woods brought back from mission trips to Africa, South America, and the Philippines.

    Compared to other abrasive materials now on the market, diamonds are harder and stronger. Engis Corporation is able to mill, shape and grade diamond particles to significantly closer tolerances than normal industry standards, which when used in polishing, result in a more refined finish without the risk of heavy scratching from random coarse particles.

    By using diamond compound pastes, which are both oil- and water-soluble, Dr. Sorenson is able to polish the wood and achieve a new level of brilliance. His technique actually makes the wood appear to be "wet."

    "Businesses that use my pens for promotional purposes are tremendously gratified with the work I am doing and the 'wet' appearances we are able to achieve using the polishing pastes," Dr. Sorenson said. "The compound has taken demand for my pens to a whole new level."

    Assorted diamond-compound polished hardwood products made by Dr. Steve Sorenson (Woods By Steve).

    Assorted diamond compound polished hardwood products created by Dr. Sorenson.
    Engis Corporation Dr. Sorenson originally started wood turning using very fine wet-or-dry sand paper intended for use in auto body shops. While diamond costs more (generally $10 to $20 for a 5 gram tube), the pastes he now uses allow him to produce a more uniform surface and create a brilliant shine that is appreciated by his customers and unmatched by the competiton.

    "To my knowledge, very few turners of wood get the finish I do on their art pieces," Dr. Sorenson said. "With Engis' products, my pieces exceed all expectations."

    While Dr. Sorenson is happy to share the results of his work using Engis diamond compound, the specific details of his process remain a trade secret.

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